Creating a lasting legacy

We believe in creating a lasting legacy.  For that reason, for us, it’s all in the detail.  We’re excited to have just completed our recent photoshoot from our latest properties.  Hopefully we’ve captured features which will inspire and appeal to you.  We’ve used the best quality materials and design, but it’s the thought process and planning behind the features which make all the difference.  How many property developers do you know who will stand on site before they begin and just dream?  Capturing an idea, a plan, to take notice of what the view will look like from your windows, or which garden shrubs and landscaping will complement your driveway? How practical the storage should be and how to create the feeling of space in a hallway or light reflecting through your home? How it would feel to change brick for a glass elevation, or float oak open tread stairs upwards instead of using a fixed staircase.

These are considerations which dominate our thinking. They influence our planning and ultimately shape our homes.  Attention to detail is intrinsic to everything we do, even before we’ve laid a single brick. Only then do we add traditional craftsmanship, contemporary comfort and personalised luxury.

‘Whatever good things we build end up building us.’

Jim Rohn

Our ethos is simple: It’s all in the detail.